What We Do

Engineering studies

Preliminary studies are carried out to start the development of the executive projects.

Studies that Gala offers:

    • Topographic surveys 
    • Soil mechanics
    • Geometric Projects 
    • Quality control laboratory

Executive projects

Our projects comply with all design requirements, standards and regulations.

    • Preliminary draft; Study of Areas and Architectural Zoning.
    • Architectural project
    • Foundation Project
    • Structural Project
    • Facilities; Hydraulic, Sanitary, Electric, LP / Natural Gas, Compressed Air, HVAC, Nitrogen. 
    • Special facilities; Voice and Data, Access Control and Closed TV circuit, Alarms and Fire System.
    • Calculation

Project management

It is a recent approach that we work together with our clients, through a methodology, supported by solid technical knowledge and extensive experience, with which complex projects or with a high degree of difficulty can be carried out, in all phases of the construction process, controlling the costs, the stipulated quality and executing according to the established program.


Project management is essential to maintain adequate communication between the Client, Engineering Firm and Contractors-Supervisors, and thus, consolidate a successful project, complying with the execution period of the work, and with the established budget.


    • Plan, estimate costs and dates to be met 
    • Risk management 
    • Change or modifications control 
    • Staff management 
    • Quality control

Supervision and control of civil works

Our services are constituted to carry out the execution of a work; likewise, so that it is carried out in strict compliance with what is established in Engineering in terms of materials and quality.


    • Project and its specifications 
    • Compliance with current standards and regulations
    • Care of safety and hygiene in its realization 
    • Cost and quality control stipulated 
    • Established program 
    • Caring for the environment and ecology

Technical and ADM consulting

These services are constituted as a support for companies and institutions in order to guarantee the correct application of their resources and compliance with their regulations.

    • Preparation of files for tenders 
    • Expertise and dispute resolution 
    • Regulatory support in management deliveries / reception 
    • Construction audits 
    • Process analysis 
    • Quantification and Budgets


At Gala we conceive Commissioning as a Comprehensive Quality Process that functions as a guide to the electromechanical Projects that will serve the building. It is implemented to ensure that what is Designed, Acquired and Installed, meets the final conditions required by the user and will also guarantee that the systems will come into operation on time at the time of occupation. This process integrates the following phases: 

Construction and Instalation

    • Specification check 
    • Operations planning 
    • Verification of Systems and reports
    • Track fixes 

Commissioning and delivery

    • Checking protocols and tests 
    • Balancing of distribution networks
    • Functional analysis of control systems
    • Integration testing 
    • Delivery processes

Use and Warranty

    • Operating recommendations 
    • Energy and document management
    • Regulations
    • Audit prior to completion of service

Render / Modeling

Once the Architectural design has been established, the subsequent stage consists of generating renderings of the different areas covered by a given project, in these, the transitions of the finishes on floors, the rhythm of the textures on the walls, the architectural accents will be appreciated, the proportion of the furniture, the sequence of the panels, the green areas and lighting, in order to appreciate the harmony and balance of all the elements together. 

The programs that Gala uses to prepare the Renders:

    • Autodesk Revit (BIM, Building Information Modeling) 
    • AutoCAD 2D drawing and 3D modeling 
    • SketchUp 3D modeling